Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rick Perry scores a zero

And so it begins.

The ad opens like a trailer for a zombie movie: empty, desolate streets and shops, a storm siren blaring. Obama's iconic "O" symbol is then replaced with a zero, as various clips of television reporters talking about "zero jobs created" play.

The ad's mood then shifts dramatically. "In 2012 America will discover a new name for leadership," the ad says, while clips of Perry are spliced with shots of galloping horses in the sunlight, American flags, green farms and the Statue of Liberty.

Honestly, I thought I was watching the trailer for the new "Blade Runner".

Perry's new ad seems ripped straight from a sci-fi thriller, complete with labeling Obama "President Zero." And his message hits you on the head with a hammer: "NO JOBS CREATED!" yells the ad. One especially unsettling moment shows Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama poster literally disintegrating on a wall ...

Sure hope the president and his team are getting ready to fight.

The most powerful part of the ad may be the economic statistics, including the new poverty numbers from last week, which don’t need portentous music to sound grim. The “President Zero” line was introduced by the Republican National Committee, a few weeks ago. There’s another Republican debate Thursday night—another opportunity for the candidates to engage in vaccine denialism and cheer the prospective execution, tonight in Georgia, of a man whose guilt has been called into doubt, but also another chance for the G.O.P. to test various angles from which to attack in the general election. Perry’s extremism may ultimately cause his party to turn away from him, but his ad gives an idea of the direction any Republican is likely to take: the dominant sentiment, for all the Americana, is not one of nostalgia, but of fear.

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Dr. J said...

If corporations are people, how come I can't take one out back and beat the shit out of it?