Monday, January 04, 2016

The Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance understands the difference between thugs and patriots -- and protesters and terrorists -- in bringing you this week's blog post roundup.

Off the Kuff published an exit interview with outgoing Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Socratic Gadfly says he sees pandering and triangulation behind Hillary Clinton's splitting with President Obama over details of a possible finding of genocide against ISIS.

Libby Shaw, contributing to Daily Kos, believes the time is long overdue to hold our elected officials accountable for their abject failure to address climate change in the state. The Texas Blues: Living in a state run by Republican climate denying ghouls.

Texas Republicans continue their war on women and girls. CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme has had enough of their misogyny.

PDiddie at Brains and Eggs did the picking for the Texans of the Year, and the come-from-behind winners were the Couches, Ethan and Tonya.

TXsharon at BlueDaze reveals the Denton power plant shell game.

McBlogger has a macro-view on the price of oil for 2016.

Dos Centavos listed his top ten posts of 2015, and the Lewisville Texan Journal had the top three stories they reported on last year.

Neil at All People Have Value suggested that we should engage in open carry of our best impulses in the new year ahead.  APHV is part of


More great blog posts from around Texas!

Grits for Breakfast sees a divided Court of Criminal Appeals in flux.

Andrea Grimes finds Donald Trump's fascism refreshing.

Prairie Weather shows us where to look for conservatism in America.

Juanita Jean wants to see the little creamery from Brenham in prison.

Isiah Carey talks about the future of two old golf courses in Houston, one of which will become a botanic garden.

Ashton Woods at Strength in Numbers had guest poster Tonya Pinkins ask the question: who wins and who loses when white creatives tell black stories?

jobsanger advances President Obama's forthcoming executive action on gun safety.

Trail Blazers recounted Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's interview on 'Meet the Press' last Sunday morning, where he indicated that concerns over Texas' new open carry law was "propaganda".

Moni at Transgriot instruct Houston black trans men to step up and lead in 2016.

Somervell County Salon sees a few things in 2016 that have not changed since 2015.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Only Democrat on Harris Co. Commissioners Court passes away

RIP El Franco Lee.  He was on the ballot for re-election this year, without a primary challenger.

Harris County Precinct One Commissioner El Franco Lee has died. The family confirmed that Commissioner Lee suffered a heart attack and died at 10:01am Sunday.

Lee (was) a native Houstonian, where he began his political career in 1979 when he was elected Texas State Representative for District 142. In 1985, he was elected and sworn in as the first African-American Harris Co. Commissioner, where he has been serving his seventh term.

Not sure about the process, but the law may allow the Democratic precinct chairs to vote a replacement candidate to their primary ballot to replace him.  Updates here as warranted.

"El Franco was a beloved public servant who never sought the limelight, preferring a low key approach that put the needs of his constituents above self-promotion," Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said, noting that Lee beat him in the 1984 race for county commissioner. "His passion was helping seniors and improving quality of life for underserved youth and young adults in the inner city. His unmatched programs for thousands of seniors include everything from health and fitness initiatives to arts and crafts and music tutorials to holiday celebrations and other special events."

Update II: Lee's name will remain on the ballot through the March primary and the general election in November.  While County Judge Ed Emmett, a Republican, will appoint a placeholder at some point (probably a Republican to avoid the screeching) to serve the remainder of Lee's term, the Democratic precinct chairs in Lee's Precinct One will elect his replacement later this year, and that person will take office no later than next January (because Lee had no Republican challenger in the general, either).  Among the rumored names for the post today are state Senator Rodney Ellis -- which would open a coveted legislative seat and initiate another scrum -- and former councilman CO Bradford, with a few others, such as Houston city councilman Jerry Davis, also mentioned.

State representative Borris Miles is also in the mix; he allegedly wants the Texas Senate seat Ellis may be vacating.

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