Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday's Wrangle from Far Left Texas

Updates to yesterday's "Stormy":

I'd like to leave Ted Cruz out of this if that's okay.

There are always criminal and social injustice updates.  Every goddamned day.

I have one serious case of schadenfreude this morning.

Same old nothing from Mr. "I think Acevedo has done a good job" on yet another local topic.  Those campaign finance reports and school board races sure do eat up his time, I suppose.  Nobody does hyperlocal better, unless you're needing hot-off-the-press scoops about Alief school bonds.

Make that two cases of schadenfreude.

I'm just laughin' to keep from cryin', y'all.

Why don't you get a jump on the home seller's market and GTFO NOW, Matt?

Last before moving on: an update to yesterday's Wrangle, where LareDOS told us about the Biden admin canceling border wall construction contracts:

One climate update.

Read the woman's thread, please.

Two soothers to end today.

Thousands of years before land speculators like the Allen Brothers arrived in 1836 or slave traders Jim Bowie and Jean Lafitte set up shop on Galveston Island around 1817 -- or even the Spanish conquistador Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecked on the island in 1528 -- there were people living around Buffalo Bayou and the prairies, forests, rivers, and bays of the Texas Gulf Coast.

At least 13,500 years ago, the Akokisa people were living in villages along the coast around Galveston Bay. At the time the coast, along with major rivers flowing across, it extended a hundred miles further out, land and channels now covered by water. Sea level then was hundreds of feet lower.

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