Friday, June 12, 2020

Race for the White House Update: Biden's to lose

  Doncha wish he wasn't trying so hard to lose it?

We should have seen it coming.  He did tell his biggest funders 'nothing would fundamentally change', after all, and he doesn't lie to them as much as he lies to the rest of us.

Some of the things Old Joe says still have the capacity to shock.

His weekly brain fart is not one of them.

Five more months of this.  Can he last?  Perhaps if Trump continues in Christofascist fashion (see what I alliterated there?).  Dallas yesterday, where he met with "faith leaders" (sic) prior to a high-dollar fundraiser.

-- #UglyPresident trends after Trump describes teargassing protesters in Minneapolis 'beautiful'

The president's latest temper tantrum had him moving the RNC convention out of Charlotte, North Carolina -- mostly -- and into Jacksonville, FL because of COVID19 restrictions imposed by the Tarheels' Democratic governor, Roy Cooper. 

A week from today, Trump restarts his campaign rally tour in Tulsa, OK on Juneteenth.

For those of you who may be planning on going, you'll need to sign a waiver promising not to sue if you contract the 'rona. 

And the Republican National Committee hasn't been vaccinated against laughable gaffes, either.

They're real busy over there.  Too busy to write or even read their own platform, and it's certainly true that not much has changed in four years, at least from their point of view.

Pick your shitshow; left door or right door.  Actually the left door is on the right, and the right door is so far to the right it's outside the teevee studio.

Meanwhile Bernie is still hosting video conferences, most recently with ... Cory Booker.

That wasn't Sanders' biggest letdown of the week, personally.

Candidly, it's not Joe Biden who seals my divorce from the Donks.  It's Bernie Sanders.  And his campaign manager two cycles running: Jeff Weaver.

So I'm glad the truth is being spoken somewhere.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

TexProgBlog Wrangle, midweek edition

With a few updates and some new developments since Monday, here's the second post of the best blogs, tweets, and lefty news from around and about our Great State.

As the TPA feared, COVID 19 is making a comeback.

And while Greg Abbott would rather ignore the contagion's spread, others aren't.

Update: The city of Dallas' last council meeting broke down in a wave of insults and recriminations over recent allegations of police abuse of force, but CMs there voted today to put off a decision regarding a police department budget increase.  Houston's leaders, meanwhile, passed a raise despite serious disagreements.


The TexTrib also updated on the latest from Dallas, Austin, and Houston, which Grits for Breakfast had posted about earlier today.  San Antonio is still talking about what they might do.

The July runoff elections are moving into tighter focus.

Last night in Arlington, environmentalists scored a win.

The TPA's Sharon Wilson had the live-Tweeting.

Some good legal news on the protest front:

But some bad also; another officer-involved choke-out came to light, and the reality show "Live PD" may suffer the same fate as "Cops".

And PRIDE Month converges with coronavirus, with adversities for the trans community.

The Screwston Anti-Fascist Committee has some really cool T-shirts for sale.

And to fade out this Wrangle ... Traces of Texas.

Monday, June 08, 2020

The Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance mourns with George Floyd's family as they prepare to lay him to rest, and joins the millions of Americans who cry out for justice for his murder, and for too many others at the hands of those who swore 'to protect and serve'.

The justice system is overdue for an overhaul, or a dismantling.

Here's this week’s roundup of the best of the left of the Lone Star State from last week.

As the week went on, the marches seemed to get a bit more relaxed, even as they rippled out from the urban areas to the more suburban and exurban ones.

Egberto Willies was in very red Kingwood and shot some video of that city's silent protest.

Several bloggers issued support: Texas Freedom Network stands with the protesters and calls for an end to police brutality and racism.  DosCentavos wrote about where the conversation on police reform needs to begin, based on the #8CantWait campaign.  Angie Bado, the Democratic candidate in HD-70, declares, "Let Justice Begin With Me", at Living Blue in TX

Metro police chiefs Art Acevedo in Houston, Reneé Hall in Dallas, William McManus in San Antonio, and Brian Manley in Austin have all come under withering criticism for their handling of the protests in their cities over the past few weeks, as well as long records of police abuse of minorities.

Increased accountability, transparency, and other systemic changes will happen.

Now for some election news.

Joe Biden spoke at the Texas Democratic Party's virtual convention, by pre-recorded video, the day after he secured the necessary delegates to become the party's presidential nominee in November.

The convention wrapped with a debate between the two finalists for the right to challenge John Cornyn in the fall.  You can still watch it at the link below.

Recent polling in the Great State reveals a presidential race too close to call.

A new survey from Public Policy Polling, a firm mostly aligned with Democrats, found President Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden tied, 48%-48%, with just 4% unsure five months before the general election. Independents favored Trump, 52%-42%. Interestingly, Biden was stronger among Democrats (88%-8%) than Trump was among Republicans (83%-14%).

An April poll from the firm had Biden leading Trump, 47%-46%. In that survey, independents favored Biden, 50%-34%, and only 6% of Republicans indicated they would vote for Biden.

Trump’s job performance approval rating was 46/50. Anglos were more than twice as likely to approve than disapprove (67/32) but Hispanic/Latino (18/73) and African-American (2/97) voters were decidedly disapproving. His approval rating among voters aged 18 to 45 was 38/56. He was less underwater among voters aged 46 to 65, and his rating among voters over 65 was 58/39. The poll did not include a question about Biden’s favorability.

Kuff analyzed two more polls showing the tight prez tilt in Texas.  In his regular White House update, PDiddie at Brains and Eggs focused on Biden clinching and the latest shuffle in the veepstakes.

The Texas Signal reported on the Travis County DA primary runoff and how it relates to the wider criminal justice reform debate.

Several of the state's Republicans let their racist slips show on social media last week, and that was another hot topic among Texas bloggers.  Progrexas, John Coby at Bay Area Houston, and Ross Ramsey at the Texas Tribune all had a take.

Via Out in SA, Equality Texas vows to do better at every level of their organization to help dismantle systems of oppression against Black Americans.

Christoph Spieler tweets two lessons for transit agencies during times of crisis.

And let's close out this Wrangle for now -- there will be updates here or a fresh post later -- with another blast from the past via Traces of Texas.