Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Runoff election today, Harris Commissioner forum, and more

-- About 21,000 Democrats and 28,000 Republicans have cast a ballot in Harris County, early or by mail, prior to the polls opening this morning.  From among a population of 4.5 million people, with slightly less than half of those registered (as of 2014).  Seems I've plenty of company in my apathy (I voted anyway).

-- I also had better things to do with my Sunday afternoon than to watch a couple of very wealthy men bicker and preen over 125 votes for a lifetime position that will make one of them even wealthier.

The unusual nature of the nominating process means the campaign is less democratic than most local elections and far more intimate – built around in-depth policy conversations and targeted wooing of party insiders.
Example: The presumed frontrunners, Rodney Ellis and Gene Locke, both sent flowers to female precinct chairs for Mother’s Day.

My comment about blowjobs and handjobs appears to be still visible at this posting.  Charles had some before and after if you care.  I can't manage it.  This, though, was interesting.

The tensest moments at Sunday's event included when Locke defended questions about his decision to work on roads around NRG Park ahead of the Super Bowl, listing off a handful of projects he was proposing around the precinct, and when Ellis and Houston City Councilman Dwight Boykins, who has not announced his candidacy, exchanged words over Boykins' decision to vote against former Gov. Rick Perry in the 2010 Republican primary.

It's barely clear what they were arguing over from this account, but to my reading it seems that CM Boykins must have crossed party lines six years ago -- when Bill White had to go to a runoff with Farouk Shami on the D side -- for either Kay Bailey or Debra Medina.  We already knew Boykins was about as conservative a Democrat as they come -- he waffled back and forth on the HERO vote, you might recall -- but this looks as if he's one of those 'good Democrats' who thinks voting in the R primary is accomplishing something of significance.  Either that, or Bill White was just too liberal for him.  (Then again, good Democrats like Boykins could have been the reason White was pushed into a runoff.  It seemed like a bad idea at the time, but it all worked out, as we know. /sarc)

Maybe somebody who was at the forum can clarify this for me if I'm mistaken.

-- Mayor Sylvester Turner, my state Rep. Borris Miles (who wants to be my state senator if Rodney Ellis becomes my county commissioner) , and Rep. Ken Paxton Ron Reynolds and a host of other so-called good Democrats have endorsed Jarvis Johnson for state representative, HD-139 (replacing Sylvester Turner).  I did not, and neither did the HGLBT Caucus, whose members mostly have jumped every time Mayor Turner called 'frog'.  Before he was elected mayor, and after.

If this reads like the most incestuous politics you ever read, that's because it is.

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meme said...

Voting R does not mean you don't vote D, L, or G in the November election.

But I agree as to the wealthy men, who were not quite there until politics got them there.