Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Joel Burns in the race to replace Wendy Davis

Fort Worth council member Joel Burns said today he won’t try to replace Wendy Davis in the Texas Senate.

“The mere prospect of serving in the Texas Senate is an incredible honor. And I am humbled that so many of you have entertained the prospect with me,” Burns said in a letter to supporters. “But in evaluating what I want to do next, I have come to the realization that I have the job I want — to serve the people of Fort Worth and Council District 9.”

Burns had been considered a top contender to replace Davis on the Democratic ticket. The open seat has already attracted several GOP contenders.

This is unfortunate, because the odds were long enough for Dems to hold the seat with the man who replaced Wendy Davis on Fort Worth city council choosing to follow her again. The Texas Senate's Republicans would hold* be one vote shy of a two-thirds majority in that chamber if they can capture SD-10.

Now Democrats must find a strong candidate or risk losing the seat. The Fort Worth-based district leans Republican.

“Some decisions are being made and we will have a strong candidate in the Senate District 10 race,” said Democratic strategist Matt Angle, who in 2008 helped recruit Davis for the seat.

I'm sure Angle will keep us informed as soon as he fleshes things out.  He's the kingmaker -- and queenmaker -- for the Texas Democratic Party at this point.

*Update: Texpate corrects my math in the comments.


Noah Horwitz said...

Actually, if Burton/R wins SD10, it won't be a 2/3rds majority. But it would mean that Republicans would be one seat away.

As long as Lucio is in the Senate, though, that would be far enough for them.

PDiddie said...

I always manage to muck up the math in the Texas Senate.

Gonna have to start looking it up every time.

Greg said...

I think this makes it pretty clear why Wendy chose to be the sacrificial lamb at the top of the Dem ticket in 2014 -- she, like her expected replacement, recognized that hers is a district the Dems cannot hold.

PDiddie said...

Oh, she could hold the seat. After all, she defeated a Republican incumbent, and then defeated a well-funded Republican challenger, and that was before she got famous.

And she'll beat Abbott, too, if he keeps screwing up.