Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mayweather - Mosley, the Derby and Houston weekend festivals

-- Sugar Shane and Floyd Jr. hook it up in the ring tonight. Mayweather has a big chip on his shoulder for being called out by Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach (and everybody else, for that matter). I think Mayweather will silence the critics and again stoke the dream match.

-- The Kentucky Derby will go off this afternoon in the mud, scrambling the odds and creating another opportunity for a huge underdog to pop at a nice price. Currently I'm considering Super Saver (with Calvin BoRail aboard), Devil May Care (Todd Pletcher's filly), Mission Impazible (I'm heavy on the Pletcher horses), along with the favorite Lookin' at Lucky in something exotic and boxy. Strong consideration will be given to Ice Box and Awesome Act and Noble's Promise, the best mudder in the field and at long odds for -- among other reasons -- he's recently recovered from a lung infection. More from Joe Drape's Rail blog if you are so inclined. Update: My 4-2 exacta, a $2 investment, paid $152.40.

-- The Polish Festival in near west Houston and the Dragon Boat Festival at Allen's Landing downtown promise fun with a little cultural exchange.

-- The Frenetic Theater has Projected.2010 happening tonight. Described as a "series of performance-based art and art-based performance", it looks like fun, too. More on this weekend's local art gallery scene from Houstonist (and a hat tip for this portion of the entry).

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