Friday, December 12, 2008

Sharp and the Senate (and Bill White)

Another development I have resisted posting my opinion about is the fact that Texas Democrats are -- as of this writing -- reduced to a pair of fat, bald, white male conservatives as standard-bearers in 2010. Harvey Kronberg -- who spoke last night at a town hall hosted by my state rep, Ellen Cohen -- says that Bill White is probably going to run for Washington and not Austin:

For almost two weeks now, the political rumor mill has been breathlessly anticipating Houston Mayor Bill White's announcement of future election plans.

While still rumors, the quality have improved and they have moved up the food chain. Reasonably reliable sources tell QR that the current announcement date is next Monday and that Mayor White will announce he intends to run for what may become an open seat in the United States Senate.

We frame this rumor with caveats galore. Truth is, we will find out whether or not it is true next Monday.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a fat, balding, white male myself. I just keep finding myself farther and farther away from 'conservative' with each passing day.

And unlike some in my circle, I'm not in favor of Bill White for anything. He's far, far too conservative for me. He's demonstrated a particular disdain for the Democratic wing of the Texas Democratic Party, from toadying with Tom DeLay to haughtily dismissing concerns about e-voting.

But John Sharp is even farther to the right than White; "pro-life Catholic", an on-again, off-again pal with Governor MoFo all the way back to their Aggie days, and apparently a consort of Texas religious fundamentalists:

He and Mr. Perry were students together at Texas A&M but became politically estranged until 2006, when San Antonio megachurch pastor John Hagee brokered a reconciliation that led to the governor appointing Mr. Sharp to lead a commission to craft a property tax overhaul.

Like Kuffner, I'm at a loss as to where Vince gets the idea Sharp is a progressive.

Neither of these two comes close to my idea of a Democrat ... even in Texas. While White was a disaster as the Texas Democratic Party chair from 1995 -98, Sharp is a two-time loser for lt. governor, in '98 and '02.

The only thing we need now to hit the trifecta is Kinky Friedman.

Surely we're going to be able to do better than this ... ?

Update: Socratic Gadfly has more on the Republican company Sharp keeps. How is White going to top that?

Update II: Mayor McSleaze nails it ...

Who's Afraid Of KBH?

The answer seems to be pretty much everyone these days. Working off the premise that Kay Bailey Hutchison will resign her Senate seat to challenge Governor For Life Rick Perry in the 2010 Republican Primary, would-be senators have been lining up like WalMart shoppers to replace her.

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