Friday, March 16, 2007

Edwards/Obama online, Clinton/Obama off

-- The Kossacks still like John Edwards and Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton not at all. The Direct Democracy-ites choose Obama by a nose in an allocated tally (go there for the explanation). The traditional polling favors the Senator from New York.

Hillary will be here in Houston tomorrow.

The Republicans are currently being led by the cross-dressing Rudy Giuliani, followed by John McCain, who seems to be fading fast. Romney, Gingrich (who still hasn't declared) and Brownback trail them in single digits.

-- A topic which has received much attention in the blogosphere has been the erupting scandal at the Texas Youth Commission. Incarcerated young people were routinely sexually abused, the entire board of directors has resigned, and now the US Department of Justice is threatening legal action against the state of Texas. Kuffner and Leibowitz have been updating this regularly.

-- Valerie Plame is testifying today on Capitol Hill.

-- Karl Rove and Harriet Myers are also implicated in the firing of federal prosecutors for political purposes. They will likely be subpoenaed by Sen. Patrick Leahy to testify before a Senate committee. The right-wing talking point on this scandal is: "Clinton did it, too!" Not only is it typically disingenuous, it's just pathetic that six years into the Bush Maladministration the conservatives are still bleating about the Big Dog.

Find a new whine, goonbats.

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